Paddling specific online coaching designed for you!



Do you have a goal or race in mind? Are you struggling to get motivated and don't even know where to begin?

Sean Rice and Teneale Hatton will design a training program just for you! #Huksu is a personalised online training system tailored to your specific needs and interests. Drawing on the experience of well-seasoned coaches eliminates any doubt you have and keeps you motivated. Being prepared for your next paddling event has never been simpler! 



No matter where you are in the world, you can have a personal coaching experience! It's all designed to suit you!



Your training plans, check-ins, tutorial videos, and live updates are all handled through your online portal and App. 



Our new system automatically uploads your GPS data to ensure both athlete and coach can track the progress. This information guarantees accurate and well-designed training.

Achieve your Potential

No more excuses! No more doubt! Get the best out of your paddling with expert advice! No matter how fast (or slow) you are - you can #Huksu too!

Sean Rice

Sean Rice

Teneale Hatton

Teneale Hatton

About Your Coaches

#Huksu Coaching is a long-awaited extension of Sean's world-wide surfski workshops and YourPaddleLife. Through the years, Sean and Teneale have had the pleasure of coaching thousands of paddlers from all around the globe. This world-wide paddling movement has progressed into a unique and efficient online coaching service - available in your pocket.

Sean has a strong passion for both coaching and racing. There are not many titles that he hasn’t won or at least competed in, including many international and World Championship titles across surfski, marathon and sprint kayaking.

Teneale is an Olympian, world record holder, and multiple time World Champion across flat water kayak, surf lifesaving and of course surfski! Teneale is a fantastic ambassador for our sport and continues to give back by coaching all that she has learned through the many years of competing and training at the highest level.

The love for racing runs through his blood as well as the hard work and determination it takes to achieve at the highest level. His passion for coaching reaches the same heights. 

Training Plans

Pick Your Poison


Video Analysis

Not lucky enough to make it to a PaddleLife Workshop? Improve your forward stroke through video analysis

Video Analysis

  • A comprehensive stroke review and analysis via submitted video
  • Drills and techniques to improve your paddling stroke
  • Tips to get you more comfortable and increase your efficiency


See what others have to say

"Teneale is passionate about paddling and his enthusiasm is infectious. It's been an awesome journey over the past couple of years, during which I have learnt so much. Your teaching methods are really individual and it's been a great privilege to work with you, bringing out the best of my paddling. Your programs are tailored to my individual needs and with constant feedback I know what to do to get the best out of each session. Thanks Sean, it's great to have someone so enthusiastic to share their knowledge and grow the sport around the world and online."
Chloe Bunnett - United Kingdom/South Africa
"I’ve been fortunate enough to have Sean coach me for almost 2 years now, both in person at a couple of clinics and online by way of ongoing training programs. I can’t speak highly enough of the quality of the coaching he provides for me. His programs are targeted for my specific lifestyle requirements and they are not just generic programs. The sessions he sets me all have a purpose. My  programs are modified according to the feedback I provide and he answers any queries I have very quickly. I really look forward to continue to improve my paddling under his expert guidance."
Kevin O’Connor - Auckland, New Zealand
"Sean always coaches with all his heart and with a lot of care. He is a true expert in motivation and "pep" talks. The training weeks are made very interesting and contain lots of new things with plenty of surprises. This keeps me going even for a long period of time. Sean’s sessions are variable and you never get the feeling like: oh no, not that same old session again.. Sean is an expert in feeling what sessions needs more work and always answers your questions and helps you. Sean gets to know you, not just like "that paddle-guy"  but more like a true friend / family."
Rolli Ahinko - Finland
"Teneale’s online coaching really helped me to improve my paddling in 2016. Teneale set out a tailored and structured monthly training plan for me which made it easy to follow & step up my paddle fitness. Even better, Teneale made herself available to answer some of my ad-hoc paddle questions. Having that 24-7 service from a champion is unique and very good value for money. Get involved & get after it…”
Chris Lunn - Hong Kong


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I receive my personalized program?

All training plans are sent to you through your online portal. Sessions are sent to you daily via email and can be checked up on any time via your handy App!

Do you offer a guarantee?

While we don’t guarantee you’ll be the next World Champ (sorry), we do take extreme pride in our service! We offer a top quality experience for all our users. We have been trying and testing this service for many months and are always looking at fine-tuning. If you are unsatisfied at any point during your training, do let us know and we will sort it out!

Do you offer coaching to clubs and groups?

Yes! If you are part of a club or training group and are interested, send an email to info@yourpaddlelife.com, and we'll help you out! We design group training for many clubs around the world - and it has been a fantastic success.

I'm too old, unfit and don’t have time for this! What do you mean you can help?

The training is designed specifically for YOU and to make the most of YOUR current situation. No matter what you think you are! Come along Benjamin Button. We need to get started!

Is there a minimum sign up period?

Nope, we hate contracts! You join for as long as you like. Of course, some bigger goals need longer buildups, and we are in it for the long run if you would want. HUKSU is flexible, and there is no need for a commitment.


We offer payment from all major credit and debit cards. Prices are quoted in US$, but this will automatically adjust to the equivalent amount in your local currency. If you have any queries - please just let us know, and we will sort it out.